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Belhasa Projects LLC - Pools

In the Gulf climate one thing that will greatly enhance the enjoyment that you and your family derive from your property is to have your own swimming pool.

At Belhasa Projects we’ve been giving people this enjoyment for over three decades. Whether it’s a cosy spa/hot tub, a small children’s play pool, an elegant family leisure pool, or something where you can work on your lap times, we can design it and make it the way you want.

You’ll find we can offer you a huge choice of shapes, finishes, surrounds, and technical options. Maybe you want a practical skimmer pool (the sort where the water level is below the edge) or perhaps you have a yearning for the dreamy look of an overflow pool positioned to give that infinite view over your surroundings. Maybe you want an integral waterfall or fountain; or counter-current swim jets (to enable you to swim hard in a limited space); or rockwork to give that “mountain pool” feel. Whatever it is, we’ll help you turn your imagination into reality.

We can help you imagine and design your ideal pool; then we construct it to the highest standards; after that we can provide the complete worry-free maintenance service; and rest assured that we stock the consumables and spares needed to keep your pool in perfect condition.

For more information on what pool is right for you, please contact us at residential@bhp.ae