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Belhasa Projects LLC - Supply

If you’re a “handy” sort of individual and like to do-it-yourself, or you have your own staff at home, or you prefer to buy the materials and find different specialists to use them, then you might want to take advantage of Belhasa Projects Trading Division to supply you with much of the specialist spare parts, new components, or materials you need. We don’t aim to compete with those residential garden centres that offer rows of potted plants. Our expertise lies in the hardware needed for the underlying fabric – lights, irrigation and plumbing parts, everything you need to maintain pools and water features properly.

You can visit our showrooms or just place your order by phone, fax, etc We’ll be pleased to provide what you need from our extensive stocks, or help you find what you’re looking for from our deep knowledge of suppliers and manufacturers locally and globally.

For more information on finding the right solution for you, please contact us at residential@bhp.ae or call us at 04 333 1445