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Belhasa Projects LLC - District Cooling

At Belhasa Projects, we have vast experience and expertise in providing District Cooling services for our valued clients:

A district cooling system distributes thermal energy in the form of chilled water of other media from
a central source to multiple buildings through a network of underground pipes including the cooling equipment, power generation and thermal storage for use in space and process cooling. District Cooling System has been used in business districts and institutional settings, such as College, Malls, Large Residential Complexes and University Campuses

Chilled Water Pipelines are the single most important portion of the district cooling system, and warrant a careful design and implementation process for optimized usage. This typically consists of underground pipe laying works, supply and return, main header pipe works and valve chamber works.

This process typically requires the connection of the Main Header via Normal Process, or Hot Tapping to the Primary Side of the heat exchanger in the ETS room.

If you are interested in hearing more about what Belhasa Projects has to offer, please contact us at infrastructure@bhp.ae or call us at +9714 333 1445