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Belhasa Projects LLC - Construction

A kids play area should not just be about fun. It also has to be about safety. Rubberised play surfaces have international standards, and use materials from specialist manufacturers, which is something many contractors have no idea about.

Similarly play equipment like swings, slides, climbing frames, all come in very varying designs and qualities of build and finish. The best equipment will be especially fun to use, will be safe, and will last for years (long enough anyway for your kids to happily grow out of!). Substandard equipment can be clumsy to use, short lived and, worst of all, downright dangerous.

So don’t take chances. Speak to the professionals. We’ve built water-parks and play zones used by thousands of kids daily – we can certainly meet your needs too.

For more information on finding the right solution for you, please contact us at residential@bhp.ae or call us at 04 333 1445